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Rosen AV-7700 DVD Piggy Back Headrests Pods For BMW Vehicles With SRS Active Headrests

10/03/2012 2 comments

Welcome to Love My Auto, the UK and World Wide BMW  Rosen AV-7700 piggy back headrest pods rear seat DVD entertainment agent and supplier.

High quality BMW after-market rear seat DVD headrests entertainment solutions.

BMW Rosen AV-7700 Piggy Back Rear Seat Entertainment Pods By Love My Auto


BMW Aftermarket Rear Seat Entertainment Solutions – Money Well Saved

If you have a BMW vehicle and you are looking to add a high quality after-market rear seat entertainment system, with a significant cost saving to that of your local BMW dealership, then you have just found the most comprehensive BMW Rosen “child technology heaven” solution to keep those children occupied and happy, make those long journeys for you and your front seat passenger peaceful, and guess what, to no longer hear that are we there yet question (100 times) – Well done Mum and Dad!

Rosen AV-7700 DVD Piggy Back Headrests Pods For BMW Vehicles With SRS Active Headrests 

Rosen AV-7700, BMW child friendly piggy back headrest pods with Dual DVD players, built-in games, USB slot and auxiliary inputs for adding additional AV sources such as a digital TV tuner or iPad.



Post 2009 BMW Vehicles

If your beautiful BMW is a post 2009 vehicle and has the SRS (safety restraint system) with air bags built into the headrests (please click here for additional information), we can now supply the above BMW Rosen AV-7700 piggy back DVD headrest pod solutions for your vehicle.

Interior Colour Code And Style Required

For us to determine if we can supply this Rosen AV-7700 piggy back DVD headrest pod system for your own vehicle, we would require the following information:-

  • Make, model and year of your vehicle.
  • Colour of your leather interior.

You can email this information to us through the following link:-

Email Us 

Please note, that UK stock levels vary and we may have to fly in your order from the US – approximate 3 – 7 day delay. There is a small additional charge for special orders.

Only The Best DVD System For My BMW 

If you want the best rear seat aftermarket entertainment system for your BMW, then welcome to Love My Auto UK and thank you for discovering these fantastic Rosen AV-7700 dual DVD rear seat headrest entertainment piggy back pod systems, available now and exclusively for your BMW in the UK and World Wide from Love My Auto.

BMW Executive Rear Seat DVD Headrest Entertainment With Local UK Installation

If you are looking to avoid the heady prices at the dealership but not to break the bank, then these executive top of the range BMW specific after market Rosen AV-7700 rear seat piggy back DVD headrest solutions with an on-your-doorstep supply and local UK installation service, are all that you would require to completely satisfy those restless kids and make your future journeys peaceful and stress free. So very well done the Mum and the Dad, as you have just discovered the answer to all of your prayers.

UK And Worldwide BMW Supply With On Your Door Step UK Installation 

Although we are based in Edinburgh in Scotland, we can provide an on your doorstep supply and nationwide local installation and fitting service (UK only), which means you don’t have to move a muscle. Whatever your budget and your individual requirements we have a solution to match your car and it’s interior.

If you feel like a day trip or overnight stay in the beautiful city of Edinburgh whilst we install these beautiful Rosen DVD headrest solutions into your beautiful BMW our premises are situated no more than a 3 minute walk from the fabulous Ocean Terminal shopping centre and the world-famous tourist attraction of the Queen’s Royal Britannia Yacht berthed in Edinburgh’s Leith docks.

Why Not Upgrade Your BMW Rosen System To Car digital Free-To-View TV

One of our recent customers upgraded this BMW Rosen AV7700 piggy back pod rear seat entertainment system by adding on our Digital Free-To-View TV and DAB radio Tuner / Receiver – anything is indeed possible.

BMW-Rosen-AV-7700-Piggy-Back-DVD-System-With Add-On-Digital-TV-Tuner-From-Love-My-Auto


Rosen Twin Interior Matching  DVD Headrests, Games And USB Slot

With no need to install a separate DVD player or lose the look of your wonderful BMW vehicles interior, these very clever, innovative and brand new Rosen Dual Game piggy back rear headrest entertainment systems, incorporate individual DVD players with pre-built in games, USB slot and auxiliary inputs for adding additional AV sources such as an iPod video player. 

Without Doubt No More Are We There Yet – Hurrah!

When your kids jump in the back, you can now sit back, completely relax and enjoy the journey ahead as you won’t hear a peep! Your money will certainly not be wasted.

Technology Knows No Bounds And The Kids Know How To Use It

These BMW Rosen kits are a truly awesome rear seat (child friendly) multi media entertainment system and inspirational addition to your much-loved BMW vehicle. Each child has their own individual DVD/CD/MP3 Drive 7″ monitor player which further incorporates 25 built-in games (with wireless games controller) and a USB port for additional flash drive media devices – child technology heaven!

Additional AV auxiliary Inputs – I Want To Add My iPad

Both monitors have a 2nd auxiliary audio video input port so they are fully expandable. If you would like to add a digital free to view TV tuner, iPod video or even an iPad to your monitors, then your wish is our command! If you have additional monitors or screens in your vehicle such as a roof monitor or rear view mirror monitor, we can enable this Rosen system to play onto and through these additional screens.

Can Our Kids Watch The Same Movie

These very clever Rosen DVD players, have the ability to play the same movie on both screens, so all the kids can watch the same DVD. With Dual (2) channel headphones, the children can switch the sound by pressing a button on their headphones to whatever is playing on both screens. The monitors will allow up to five sets of headphones to be connected.

My Kids Are Different Ages And Sizes And Don’t Like Headphones

If your children are of a different age or size, each monitor pod has a two-way up and down tilt mechanism to angle the screens directly towards them. If one or more of your children do not feel comfortable wearing headphones, you can have the sound played through the vehicle speakers by pressing a button on the monitor which will transfer the sound via a built-in FM modulator through your vehicle radio.

Built To The Highest Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

These Rosen BMW kits are built to the highest US standards with all headrests and mounting pods meeting or exceeding all current US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 201, 202, 302) and are available for an ever-expanding wide range of UK vehicles.

What Do I Get With My BMW Rosen Entertainment Package

These fabulous BMW Rosen solutions include: 2 x Rosen AV-7700 piggy back pods incorporating dual DVD players, 2 x wireless headphones and 2 x wireless games controllers. The Rosen system also incorporates an AV (audio video) input if you should wish to expand the system and add-on on a PS2 or Digital TV tuner etc. The screens incorporate an angle adjustment facility depending on the size of your children and can provide sound via the car radio speakers (at the touch of a button) if you all want to listen into what the kids are watching.

Rosen Headrest Entertainment For Life – Fully Portable

Having invested in these fabulous Rosen kits, there may be no need for you to re-purchase a complete brand new kit when you change your vehicle, as it may well be possible to remove and adapt your existing system to your new vehicle.

Rosen AV Specifications And Features:

  •  2 x 7.0″ LCD Display, 16:9 wide-screen monitors
  •  Built in DVD player in each headrest System
  •  Built in game system in each headrest System
  •  Multiple Entertainment Options
  •  Piggy Back DVD Headrest Pods
  •  Audio Options – Wireless headphones or through audio system
  •  USB Port
  •  Aux Input for iPod or other MP3 device
  •  Tilting Headrests Pods
  •  Everything Included – No extras!

Each Rosen dual DVD entertainment system includes everything you need:

  • 2 Complete DVD players and game systems
  • 2 Wireless fold flat 2 channel headphones
  • 2 Wireless game controllers
  • 1 Wireless system remote control
  • Batteries for remote and game controllers
  • Detailed Owner’s Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Installation Instructions

Russell McIntyre Rosen DVD Specialis


As you can see above, my name is Russell, and I absolutely love answering your individual questions and finding the very best Car DVD Headrest solution for your wonderful vehicle. I have been specialising in car DVD headrest solutions for the last 10 years, and believe that I offer the widest product choice available.. My advice is free and friendly, so if you feel inclined, please give me a ring on 0044 131 555 7040 or:- 

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We hope you found this information helpful, if you have any queries in relation to your own vehicle, please feel free to get in touch. You can find our price for this product by clicking the following link:

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